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Mountain biking

One way of entertainment that brings a level of increased adrenaline ... exercise ... and more fun ...

A Mountin biking trail is Vatra Dornei - Rusca - Cabana Giumalau - Vf. Giumalau - Obcina Mare - Vatra Dornei.
Length: 45 km
Type: 15 km asphalt, 15 km forest road, 15 km off road
Approximate time: 5-6 hours
Tips: Bike Type: enough hardtail, full suspension recommended. It is recommended that larger groups of three cyclists. The helmet is mandatory, if available and easy protections (elbow, knees).
Difficulty: medium to hard

Description route:

We recommend leaving Vatra Dornei (Vatra Dornei DN - Bicaz), around 12-13 km asphalt heating. In the village Rusca starts the ascent from bus station turn left over the bridge (red triangle). Forest road length 10 km, about 5 km casual climb slowly take turns climbing (15-20%). Pay attention to the logging, it corhaneste direct route.

About 1.5 km before Giumalau cottage, about 1600 m altitude, alpine stands. From here, all the way to the ridge and it is good to pedal in group sex with dogs are possible from Stan (pretty ugly after its experts believe that the shepherds are specially trained to stress cyclists). The Chalet Giumalau - mandatory rest - with the bike, shoulder, if possible, must climb about 45 minutes to the top Giumalau (1857) - great attention slope Cobar will have to return, preferably by bike between your legs. From peak to valley view exelent Bistrita Rarau Pietrosul Bistrita, Rodna Mountains.

For descent are two options: return to the lodge to Poiana Ciungi Giumalau or descent. On any version meets the ridge road to be followed - blue stripe marking. Descent approximately 1.5 km narrow path with bumps of earth and stone, boulders, until we meet ridge road.

After a false flat and a small climb - 300 meters - a descent follows the road bumps and ditches cart with large, about 15 minutes. It's the most beautiful portion of the trail and reach speeds of 60 km / h, with hairpin turns, straights, etc. After the descent it enters a section of the route lighter with successive ascents and descentsi (cover almost all year puddles and mud). Follow the blue line marking to the summit of red cross mark. From the top Drancanilor exelent view over the city Vatra Dornei. The red cross mark descend to the city (beautiful descent on narrow roads with ditches cart to rain, rocks, slope large enough to flush red brake discs).

The markings along the route of travel are well made, visible, can be obtained from the headquarters informed Rescue Vatra Dornei (in theHouse of Culture building behind the Railway Station ), or Giumalau cottage. It is recommended that larger groups of three cyclists, helmets is mandatory, if available and easy protections (elbow, knees). Source:

Bike rental centers:
Bike rental and Nordic Walking sticks - Walking Rescue Service
Railway Station Str no. 2 (House of Culture Vatra Dornei)
Mobile: +4 0726 686687, +4 0754 028324
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Contact: Petru Ariciuc


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